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You can inform about corruption offence!

Public Noncommercial Utility Company (PNUC) “Lviv City Polyclinic №3” administers
admission and investigation of reports from persons who conscientiously inform about
possible facts of corruption or related to corruption offences, and other violations of
the Law of Ukraine “On prevention of corruption”.

Any person if having a reasoned ground to say that the information is true has the right
to inform about another person’s offence of requirement of the Law of Ukraine “On
prevention of corruption”. Persons who help to prevent and to resist corruption are
under the protection of the state under applicable law.

You can leave a corresponding message, the information in which is related to a certain
person and has actual evidence that confirm a possible committing of corruption or
related to corruption offence, or other violation of the Law of Ukraine “On prevention
of Corruption”, and that can be checked, particularly the information about the

circumstance of offence, place and time of its committing, person who has committed
the offence, etc.

All the messages are reviewed under applicable law.


How to inform about corruption offence:


To leave a message you can use the following channels:

  • to call us on: 032-267-06-12

  • to send an e-mail:

  • to send a letter marked “About corruption” to the address: Povitriana str., 99, Lviv, 79052

  • to come to personal reception of citizens held by a designated person regarding prevention and detection of corruption in PNUC “Lviv City Polyclinic №3” (on Tuesdays from 15:30 to 16:30, Thursdays from 16:00 to 17:00, office 319).

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