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Is the policlinic on Levandivka going to be closed? – the general director gave an interview

"I wish that the quality of our service is not different from the one in private clinics" – the general director of our policlinic gave an interview to publisher.

Policlinic on Levandivka. This is how most of our visitors call Lviv city policlinic 3. It is the policlinic, which just one year ago could «be proud of» empty corridors, and now it is a powerful institution with a strong team, modern equipment, its own laboratory and a vast amount of awards.

How the work of policlinic was brought up to date, how it works today and what is planned for the future – the general director, Myroslav Dronyk, said.

It should be mentioned that the first of the policlinic achievements, due to which it became a successful medical institution, is a team, and the team was the first what the general director remarked. «Yes, it is true, when I took the post, we were in a black hole of debt. We had the minimum necessary modern equipment; however, we had a good team, and it is the most important. During this time, I succeeded to earn the trust of the staff and to change their attitudes to work. It is very important for me as I believe it is a base. Without a good qualified team which understands all the steps you are making it is impossible to move forward” – M. Dronyk emphasizes.

Besides, our interlocutor commented on the rumors about policlinic's closing. “These are the old rumors. I have been working in this institution for over 20 years, and during all these times they are regularly closing it and then they don’t. Naturally, this kind of news negatively affected the team. People had a fear that they will be made redundant. Life with a constant fear of losing their jobs resulted in apathy and absence of desire to work. There was no motivation for development. This is how stagnant occurrences arose, and the salary debts increased. We were not paid for almost half a year. Everything had to be changed urgently. Now we had created a great team of administration and heads of the structural departments, so when we started to communicate our ideas to the staff, everybody cooperated. Of course, there were misunderstandings, but as well there was a wish to listen to the arguments. We proved, we explained, and when everything succeeded, it was so pleasant to hear: “How did we live all this time without it?!”. Currently, we have signed 12 packages with NHSU (National Health Service of Ukraine). To my point of view, it is a lot. Because when I took this post, we had as many as two”.

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