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Top-5 questions on antibiotics prescriptions

  • Is it possible to buy antibiotics without doctor’s prescription?

No. One can buy antibiotics only through a doctor’s prescription. Prescription is a paper or electronic prescription which is given to the patient by a doctor during an appointment. It shall contain the following information: the drug’s active ingredient, dosage and medication regimen.

  • Which doctors can give an electronic prescription?

Any doctor who prescribed antibiotics. From family doctor to dermatologist, oncologist or gastroenterologist, etc. Moreover, it does not matter if the doctor is working in a private or state clinic.

  • Is it necessary to obtain a declaration form for getting an e-prescription?

No. It is not necessary to have a declaration form to get an e-prescription for antibiotics. However, the patient shall be registered in the electronic system of health care (ESHC). There are two ways to be registered there: by signing a declaration form with a family doctor or by actually making an appointment with any doctor.

  • In which pharmacy one can buy the medications with an e-prescription?

During a transition period it is possible to buy the necessary medication with a prescription in any pharmacy. One only has to show the information card given by a doctor as the confirmation of electronic prescription, or a paper prescription to the pharmacist. It is important that the prescription for antibiotics is valid only for 30 days after being issued.

  • Is it possible to pay partially the prescription, that is to buy less medications than have been prescribed?

Yes. The doctor writes the drug’s active ingredient, dosage and the length of the treatment in the prescription. However, the patient can decide on the brand of the medication by himself/herself and to pay the prescription partially according to his/her budget. The capabilities of the electronic prescription allow to sell medications partially and to split the purchase. In this case one does not need to receive the doctor’s prescription repeatedly. When selling the medications, the pharmacist shall put the stamp “Paid” and note the amount of the purchased medications. When buying the medications second time, the patient can use the same prescription.

Source: National health service of Ukraine (NHSU)



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