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Our services

The polyclinic offers to its patients a wide range of both free and paid medical services.

Our company made an agreement with the National health service of Ukraine within the Program of medical guarantees for 12 packages, therefore our patients can get the medical services entirely for free. You can get more detailed information on the service packages.

We wish to give to our visitors as many possibilities as we can, that is why we are constantly working on introducing additional paid medical services which are not covered by the state Program. The current price list is always available on our website.

Our services
Доступні ліки

Accessible medications

“Accessible medications” is a program of reimbursing the medication costs, the aim of which is to downsize the cost loading on the patients with chronic illnesses and to increase for them the access to medications.

From April 2019 the program is administrated by the National health service of Ukraine, that directly reimburses the medication costs to the pharmacies, where the patients have got their medications according to their electronic prescriptions.

Initially, the Program included the medications for the patients with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes type II and bronchial asthma. In 2021 NHSU broadened the Program.

Accessible medications
Public information

Public Information

Our work is very transparent and we wish to deliver all the possible public information to the citizens. You can find our reports, information on countering corruption and medical practice license granting, important documents and agreements, etc. in the corresponding sections.

Our contacts

Our contacts

Our address

79052, Lviv, Povitriana str., 99

Working hours

From Monday to Friday 8:00-19:00

Saturday 8:00-18:00

Sunday 9:00-15:00

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